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Delegation out of authority based on solutions and you can democratic accountability by way of hierarchical handle certainly are the values used in a great

Delegation out of authority based on solutions and you can democratic accountability by way of hierarchical handle certainly are the values used in a great

step three. With respect to the text, government change efforts keeps borrowed methods and you can details out-of every one of the next Except a great. personal companies. b. county governing bodies. c. local governing bodies. d. nonprofit groups.

cuatro. With respect to the text, the fundamental precepts of reengineering contradict might precepts regarding an effective. both downsizing and carried on upgrade. b. simply continuing improvement. c. simply downsizing. d. neither downsizing nor carried on update.

5. George W. Bush’s “President’s Administration Agenda” is associated with the which kind of change? a beneficial. Carried on improvement b. Downsizing c. Reengineering d. E-regulators

six. Changing Authorities while the Taxpayer Expenses from Legal rights is actually samples of which kind of reform? good. E-authorities b. Continuing improve c. Downsizing d. hinge review Reengineering

seven. Full top quality government was very associated with the which type of reform? a beneficial. Reengineering b. Continued improve c. Downsizing d. E-bodies

8. Regardless of if most of the governments across the globe is actually reforming social administration, one particular distinguished and winning transformations features occurred in a. this new Un. b. developing regions. c. put up places dmunist countries.

The new Obama administration lead a profoundly some other technique for reforming regulators titled good

9. With regards to the text, government reform services across the globe a great. tend to merge and you can match downsizing, reengineering, and you may continuous improvement techniques with little to no value for their built-in contradictions. b. usually merge and you may fits downsizing, reengineering, and you will persisted update techniques having great value due to their intrinsic contradictions. c. use simply just one way of change at any given time. d. employ downsizing procedure merely shortly after trying persisted upgrade procedure.

ten. The fundamental source of reengineering are a great. full quality administration. b. diminishing regulators. c. process. d. interpersonal relationships.

11. The three ways to administrative reform one to government officials are employing at the present time are all of one’s following Except a good. downsizing. b. reengineering. c. carried on improve. d. convergence.

a dozen. The fundamental aim of downsizing is always to a good. compress authorities. b. shrink state, not authorities. c. shrink federal, perhaps not local government. d. create social matchmaking.

13. Techniques, equipment, team, leaders, and partnership certainly are the tenets away from good. reengineering. b. overall quality government. c. downsizing. d. e-authorities.

fourteen. Hence way drove Gore’s Changing Government perform over any other energy? a great. Reengineering b. Downsizing c. Continuing upgrade d. E-bodies

15. And this way first started at state level on the mid-seventies? a great. E-bodies b. Proceeded improvement c. Reengineering d. Downsizing

sixteen. “Changing bodies” are an expression obtained from an educated-selling guide by an excellent. Osborne and you can Gaebler. b. c. Gore and you will Frederickson. d. Hammer and you can Champy.

17. And therefore college student earliest debated one owners commonly customers, but citizens? an effective. Gaebler b. Osborne c. Frederickson d. Hammer

18. Reengineering supporters _________ change, in direct examine to continuous update, and this insists __________ reforms might be best to alter teams. a. downsizing; upsizing b. bottom-up; top-off c. top-down; bottom-upwards d. awayside-in; inside-aside

Kettl and you may Fesler

20. Recovering from and that of the pursuing the national tragedies revealed the latest incapacity of so-titled “vending machine bodies”? a beneficial. Sep eleven b. The brand new BP petroleum pour c. Hurricane Katrina d. The great Despair

1. ______ is the process one find the latest systems, quantity of problem, and you may amount of obligation necessary for a certain work. an excellent. Unionization b. Degree creep c. Status classification d. Buyout

dos. Considering a 2010 Arizona Article poll, People in america got a relatively _______ opinion away from authorities workers assuming these people were polled according to if they got got connection with government team the latest impulse was__________. a beneficial. positive; way more negative. b. negative; alot more positive. c. indifferent; more self-confident. d. indifferent; much more indifferent.