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Getting solitary in Glasgow: exactly why is it Scotland’s many single town?

Did you know Glasgow is considered the most unmarried area in Scotland? The professionals at eharmony research why singles may be desperate for long lasting really love inside the town

Are you aware that Glasgow is considered the most single city in Scotland? Which is based on present ONS data. But exactly why is it apparently more complicated to locate really love in Glasgow than anywhere else in the united kingdom? Professionals at eharmony executed an in-depth study to find out.

Has actually Glasgow given up on love?

we all know that locating love can be complex and feel challenging, but the link between all of our study shared that 58% of single Glaswegians have abadndoned finding love completely! Equally, 49percent sense overwhelmed of the contemporary internet milf dating landscape and 64percent – that is nearly two-thirds – think they’ll be single permanently.

The stats sound bleak, but when we delved much deeper to appear directly at the explanations why Glasgow singles feel so disheartened, a few motifs surfaced. Esteem, or the diminished it, is actually a driving element. 45per cent admitted that their particular really love self-esteem tends to make dating difficult. A-quarter of singles in Glasgow also informed united states that they feel unattractive, while 20percent concern that their age is having a negative influence on their unique find long lasting love.

Whenever past encounters impact the present

Many single Glaswegians taking part in our study disclosed that their previous experiences have actually a lasting effect when looking for love nowadays. 20% nonetheless think injured from bad encounters in previous interactions while one out of ten singles reported experiencing disheartened after satisfying a string regarding the completely wrong individuals on terrible dates. In addition to effect among these previous experiences tends to be wide-reaching; actually, 25 % of Glaswegian singles have never had a relationship in over a decade.

What would make a difference to matchmaking in Glasgow?

the good thing is that our research announced there are various issues that could inspire unmarried Glaswegians to kick-start the seek out enduring love again. 30per cent conformed that they would take advantage of particular advice on internet dating over 40, while a-quarter desire great tips on overcoming dating anxiousness, and 19per cent desire support dealing with baggage from past interactions.

Searching for a lot more information? On 22nd May, eharmony is actually holding the School of enjoy: Finding enjoy in online Age – an one off event on Corinthian Club in Glasgow that features speaks and information from a selection of industry experts. Discover more and purchase tickets here


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